We're three days into our Superhero Movie Showdown, and the competition is heating up!  We're matching up 64 superhero movies to see which one reigns supreme.  In round 1 we've matched movies randomly, and today has some fierce competitors.  Can the God of Thunder take down the Man of Steel?  Cast your votes, and don't forget to vote for Heat 1 and Heat 2.  Voting remains open for 3 days, and a new heat will be opened tomorrow.  Click here to view the entire bracket.

Match 1: Thor vs. Superman III

[poll id=”11″]

Match 2: The Spirit vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

[poll id=”12″]

Match 3: The Dark Knight vs. The Crow

[poll id=”13″]

Match 4: Spider-Man 3 vs. The Punisher: War Zone

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Those were some pretty intense matches!  Which movies did you vote for? Were any too hard to choose between?  Tell us all about it in the Comments section below.  And be sure to come back for tomorrow's vote!