First and foremost, if you are looking for a review by some well-written movie snob… you may as well stop reading because this review is not geared for you. This review is for the real people out there that want to know, “Am I going to like it? Is it worth my time? What’s the fun factor?” For people that don’t read editor reviews because, they rarely like the movies I do. We will call this review the Average Joe’s review of Seven Psychopaths.  So without further ado…

The ensemble of actors in Seven Psychopaths is pretty stellar. The actors include, Woody Harrelson, Collin Ferrell, and Christopher Walken, to name a few. The movie begins with Marty (Collin Farrell) writing a script about…as you guessed, Seven Psychopaths. As the movie evolves, Marty is quickly drawn into a world of psychopaths. Marty’s good friend Billy (Sam Rockwell,) is introduced as an out-of-work actor who has a habit of punching people. To make ends meet, Billy and his crime partner Hans (Christopher Walken) snatch dogs and collect lost pet rewards. The movie really hits a flow shortly after Billy seemingly steals the wrong dog. The latest pooch in Billy’s collection is Bonny owned by one passionate, if not completely crazy, Charlie (Woody Harrelson). Charlie is a mob boss with a love for his dog beyond measure. Charlie quickly shows that he is not a psychopath that should be crossed and will stop at nothing to get his precious dog back.

To sum the movie up with two words, “horribly awesome!” Let me clarify that comment by saying that the movie is not so bad that it is good. Instead, Seven Psychopaths is a movie with parts that you think to yourself, “Wow, did they really just do that…that is horrible.” At the same time that you are questioning why the director went over the top, you cannot get over just how awesome it was. Seven Psychopaths is crass, cheesy, violent, etc. beyond reason. What I don’t quite get is why these traits help make the movie a success. I will admit that Seven Psychopaths is not for everyone. There are some that this movie just is not for, those people should have stopped reading at “If you are looking for a review by some well-written movie snob..” For the rest of us Average Joes it’s worth seeing.

I'll give this 4/5 stars!