Harry Dresden just can’t catch a break.

Over the last couple of books, Jim Butcher’s magical detective has withstood an onslaught of violence, pain, temptation, and loss. But he’s also collected a continually growing circle of powerful friends, and made some startling revelations about his own shadowed past.

Cold Days continues this tradition.

With a book like Cold Days, it’s hard to write a review without resorting to a massive list of spoilers, so I’ll have to be brief.

Over the past thirteen books, Jim Butcher has created an involving universe full of interesting characters and building relationships that you, as the reader, feel emotionally invested in. In this novel, a good many of those relationships are tested and changed. Even the ones that we took for granted.

Full of quick wit and engrossing action, Butcher’s newest addition to the series proves to be one of the best. I found myself pausing my reading to say “holy crap” more than once throughout my reading, and the ending of the book dropped the bottom out of my brain. Almost a week after its release I am still mulling over the implications of Butcher’s twists and turns into the greater scheme of Harry Dresden’s world. Any book that can do that is worth its weight in gold, and as the longest entry to the series, at 528 pages, its weight is not inconsiderable.

Those of you who have read my Nerd-brary post on the series will know that I am a huge fan. Cold Days only serves to solidify my loyalty to the long-running series. With that said Cold Days gets an emphatic 5 out of 5 stars.

Now all that is left is to re-read the series to pass the excruciating amount of time until book 15 drops…