I grew up watching Indiana Jones movies. For me, one of the most iconic scenes is in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Dr. Jones steals the golden idol, with the help of Alfred Molina, and, despite his best efforts, triggers a slew of ancient booby traps. The most deadly of these is a giant boulder that Indy must evade or be crushed by as he attempts to escape the  ruins.

Well, Tim Winsky, of TwinSky Games has posed the question: “What is the boulder’s side of the story.” That story is examined in his indie game Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder. Playing much like the ever-popular run-away games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, with a 3D-8bit graphic style that is reminiscent of Minecraft, Indiana Stone takes the other side, having you take up the mantle of Chaser, instead of the Chasee. With all kinds of un”rock”ables and multiple sets and difficulties make the game stand out in a market that is inundated with knock-offs.

Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder currently available on iOS platforms ($2.99 USD) and will be released soon on Android.