The other day some very unique artwork caught my eye.  The artist, Syilas, has a fantastic technique and I was happy to invite her to be featured as an artist on our site.  Syilas has this to say about her artwork:

My name is Kirsty Carter (known by Syilas online) and I am an Illustrator currently living in Montréal, Quebec. I have a degree in Fine Arts and Design from the University of Alberta, specializing in painting and printmaking. At a very young age I started to draw animals exclusively. I became obsessive with artists like Robert Bateman. I loved the way he told a story with his artwork, instead of just regurgitating a painting that looked photo-realistic. I continued this trend until high school, when a friend of mine lent me his issue #1 of Fathom. Michael Turner’s artwork and Peter Stiegerwald’s colouring just made everything seem so incredible and alive. The same day I went to the comic book store near my home and bought every issue they had of Fathom. The next time I went back, I by chance happened to see an x-men issue with a cover that had been done by Adam Hughes, and bought whatever I could with his work on it or in it. I began to collect comic books savagely after that. The artists of various titles still fuel my inspiration to this day.

Originally I had focused on only using traditional mediums, specially graphite, ink and various papers. Fairly recently I’ve began to move completely to digital mediums and work with a tablet and Adobe Photoshop.

 My finished work is primarily uploaded to Deviant art ( but sneak peeks such as sketches and works in progress are posted to my Tumblr account (