One of my all-time favorite comics is the amazing book Kingdom Come, the masterpiece comic written by Mark Waid with glorious artwork by Alex Ross.  Because we listened to your comments, and saw a lot of requests for classic series, I can think of no book better for this week's giveaway than Kingdom Come.

Diana-And-Clark-649x735What would happen if Superman quit his job?  Simply disappeared one day, leaving a new generation of superheroes and meta-humans to take over?  After spending a decade in seclusion, the Justice League has fallen apart and the new generation of super-powered being battle it out in the streets, often claiming human casualties along the way.  After an unthinkable tragedy following one of these massive battles, Wonder Woman manages to convince Superman to return to his duties.  A super-powered civil war breaks out, one which threatens to destroy the entire country.

The most impressive feature of Kingdom Come is that every single page is painted in glorious detail by Alex Ross, who rarely takes on such monumental projects and usually sticks to covers.  His beautiful work shows the superheros as they'd have aged, giving meticulous detail to the wide array of characters and serving the brilliant plot.  If you've read Kingdom Come, you know it is every bit as ground-breaking as Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns.  If you haven't read it, now is the perfect time to get lost for hours in the brilliant story and resplendent artwork.  Enter our contest now!

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