Publisher: Image Comics | Writer: Kieron Gillen | Artist: Jamie McKelvie | Colorist: Matthew Wilson | Lettering: Clayton Cowles

Every few years a comic crosses my desk that stirs something primal in my lizard brain.  These books have an undefinable magic, as if the pages crackle with the energy of possibility.  Saga, Thief of Thieves, Locke and Key, The Infinite Vacation, The Walking Dead –  when I read the first issue of all of these books, I knew something magical was in store.  I felt that same special surge of chance when I read issue 1 of The Wicked + The Divine.  There is something shockingly good here.

The issue opens with a puzzling scene in the 1920s, where some arcane rite ends with several distinctive characters blowing themselves up in a blaze of devotion… or perhaps it is obedience.  This puzzling scene makes much more sense later on, and I found myself flipping back to interpret the symbolism and foreshadowing packed into these pages.  But soon we're thrown forward to the modern day, following a seventeen year old girl as she makes her way through a world where gods (both good and evil) are revered as the ultimate pop stars.  Her name is Laura, and she quickly finds herself favored by a few of these goddesses, getting a glimpse of their inner circle.  Hushed fandom turns quickly into a struggle for life as agendas play out and godlike powers change Laura's world forever.

The comic, which is certainly geared towards mature readers, evokes emotion as you pour through its pages.  With tight artwork and a sizzling plot, you can't go wrong with this foundation book.  Grab it at your local shop, and add the book to your pull list.  I have a feeling that The Wicked + The Divine will be the next hard-to-find blockbuster.

I give issue 1 ofThe Wicked + The Divine 5 out of 5 stars.




The Wicked + The Divine hits comic shop shelves tomorrow, 6/18.

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