Today, Image Comics releases the beginning of the second arc of Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara's tale of dragon-fighting and the Great Depression: “Four Eyes: Hearts of Fire”.

The series follows ten year old Enrico Savarese in 1930's Brooklyn where the Depression is full swing. When he looses his father, a dragon hunter, he decides to follow in his footsteps and begins working for a mobster named Boccioni. It doesn't go well for him, but he does find a dragon of his own: a deformed, blind runt that he calls Four Eyes. They keep each other alive through the cold night and are now bonded for life. In the series, dragons are creatures that can't be domesticated like cattle or horses, so they are trained to fight against each other and are used for underground fights. Enrico wants to train Four Eyes for glory and profit, and in the next book that debuts today, that training begins. But as Enrico starts into this training, he begins to learn its true cost.

Written by: Joe Kelly

Art by: Max Fiumara

Release Date: January 6, 2016

Where to Buy: Image Comics (digital or print copy)


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