Life sucks. Life is hard. Negativity is everywhere. Positivity is mocked, shunned, and turned into a myth. Confusion is so prolific it has become the norm. Comfort with yourself seems difficult to attain, and the world eats away at all your attempts to be accepted. No wonder we reach out to Nerd culture! There are worlds where people seem better, extraordinary things happen, aliens exist, magic is real, technology is unreal, men are men and women are women. There are gods, titans, and tremendous events. We are kept in the loop. we know what is going on. We stand at the helm, not closed off. Ultimately happy or revelatory endings leave us feeling satiated, hopeful and satisfied.

The truth is you can be proud of yourself for your intimate knowledge of a universe far removed from our own. Be proud to be a Treky. Be proud wearing your Stark Family t-shirt, or your time-turner. Your nerdtastic nerdiness is part of who you are. Some may think it frivolous, and for your critic it would be. But in our culture, where we appreciate Forgotten Realms, where we anticipate The Winds of Winter, where we revisit the Star Wars universe, delve into some David Webber, and wait patiently for new episodes of our favorite superheroes and Doctors, it is not mere frivolity.

These things engage us. They light us up. They excite our passions. Our hearts expand, our minds suck up the facts, and we benefit from our indulgence. If you are anything like me, you learn about skills, imagination, excellence, power, structure, literature, discipline, and human nature. Never be ashamed of being a fan.

The perpetuation of these immortal worlds and characters is not due to the lonely, forlorn, godforsaken nerd picking his zits in the back of the class. They perpetuate because they are a manifestation of the creativity and genius of the human race.

Fantasy, science fiction, cross-genre, superheroes, games all require an imagination and intuitive creativity to be solidly established. We are not indulging in some frivolous, pointless knowledge. We are partaking of the passion, intelligence, wit, and creativity of great people.

Be proud fandom! Be proud.