I'd have to start with the convention's very first “Party Like a Timelord”. The single largest Doctor Whovian gathering that Arizona has ever had.

The line for the party was so long, that only so many could go in at one time. Amazingly people waited hours after it started to participate in the event. The MC looked and sounded just like Tom Baker and K-9 and a Dalek greeted us when we came in. The first five songs that were played were showcased on the new series. Sound bites from the show were in the songs. The people there were very polite, and sociable. We had people inviting us to a local, monthly gathering of Whovians within the first ten minutes.

The line was full of cosplay enthusiasts dressed up as their favorite Doctor and companion. Apparently bow ties and fezzes were cool that day.

The whole convention had more Doctor Who fans than I have ever seen here before. Special thanks to ScyFy's Ghost Hunters providing the TARDIS, K-9, and the Dalek for the whole weekend. It was enough to impress even the most evil of all Timelords.

Now there's word that Doctor Who companion: John Barrowman, “Capt. Jack”, will be coming this year – the first Doctor Who companion to ever come to this convention. Yay!!! Gallifrey has finally ceased control. Wahaha!!!

Whovian 4 Life