Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag developed by Ubisoft Montreal, published by Ubisoft, was in my opinion the 3rd best Assassin's Creed game in the series. While I still liked Assassin's Creed 3, I feel the protagonist in AC4 was definitely a much better character. If you were a fan of the time sailing on the high seas with Connor, you will absolutely love sailing on the high seas with Edward Kenway. Now I won't give away how Captain Kenway relates to the AC story-line I will just say that it was an absolute thrill to be able to fight next to Blackbeard, and other iconic and awesome pirates.

If you remember back to Assassin's Creed 3 with all of the upgrades you spent your money on and used to improve your homestead there was really no point to improving it besides aesthetic improvements. None of the upgrades in AC3 were really there for anything useful, yeah it was iconic to how the Assassin's Creed game-play went, where you purchase upgrades to your hideout, keep, etc. but a lot of it was truly and honestly pointless. That is definitely not the case in AC4, and they even added a much needed addition to the game-play where exploring is actually worth your time. There are 4-5 things you can upgrade in your pirate hideout, and easily 20+ upgrades to your ship, each upgrade making your ship more powerful and able to take on more and more powerful and impressive ships and assorted forts. Besides the hideout and ship upgrades obviously you have equipment upgrades, now one of the biggest differences between the previous AC games and this one is that your disguise isn't armored so you can use whatever outfit you want to use and all it's there for is aesthetic purposes, but with that said yes there is still gear to upgrade. You can use up to 4 flintlock pistols, you automatically from the start get 2 swords to run around with, and of course your dual hidden blades we've all come to love.

Now besides the gear and the upgrades many people say the story-line for this one was just blah, and not really worth their time, and that they wish it had been more along with what the previous AC's were. I think they did very well with the story, it was different, and contrary to how AC3 was your not jumping out of the animus to do things after every chapter in the story, you spend a lot of time in the animus and very little outside of it. Now for the remainder of this paragraph I'm going to give you some spoilers to AC3 and how it ended, so if you haven't completed it yet and still want the ending to be a secret stop reading this paragraph and skip ahead. Now for the AC3 spoiler, with Desmond Miles dead your probably wondering, ‘how in the heck can you continue the story without Desmond?' Well that's very simple, with Abstergo being the powerful company it is, they are utilizing their resources to continue it. No I won't tell you exactly how they are continuing it I will let you play the game to find that out, I will tell you that honestly while it's a pretty ingenious way of doing it, it feels like it was something to be expected. When you start into the game your playing a new employee of Abstergo assigned to work on sample 17, and your manager is the one guiding you through and up to your desk, I will hint to you to look very closely at the guy at the coffee stand, and look out for the tech chick you saw in AC2: Brotherhood, and AC2: Revelations, and of course AC3.

Without revealing too much more, I would have to say that, just like I said above, this is the 3rd best AC falling behind Brotherhood and AC1 in my opinion. That being said I still give this game an easy 5/5 stars. If you haven't already gotten it, I highly recommend going out and getting it for the system of your choice.