Princess Leia has been kidnapped, and Annikin Starkiller must rescue her.

The Wookiee natives of Yavin have come to regard Annikin as a god.

General Skywalker teams up with a contingent of Wookiees to take down an Empire base on their home planet.

A group of rag-tag rebels are gearing up to strike against the Empire's formidable fortress.

The plot points in this penultimate issue are very similar to what we already know. The story in broad strokes might even seem to be the same, but even with changing some of the names and locations, there are key differences that make The Star Wars much different than the more familiar galaxy far, far away.

Last issue, Annikin and Leia got separated from the group after crash landing on Yavin, the end result of which was Leia being taken by slavers and Annikin being waylaid by a Wookiee tribe. Once Annikin finds his way back to the location where Leia was taken, he rejoins General Skywalker and Han Solo. The trail leads them directly to a military outpost, which turns out the Wookiees have been harassing for almost two years to little effect.

Using the guerilla tactics fans of The Return of the Jedi are familiar with, they manage to take the base, only to find out Leia has already been carted away back to the Empire's space fortress above Aquilae. Annikin can't wait for General Skywalkers hairbrained plan to come into fruition, so he and Artwo infiltrate the base to rescue the princess.

Meanwhile, Skywalker and company assemble a strike force to meet up with the Aquilae underground for a frontal assault on the space fortress.

And that's not even the full plot. This issue is full of action and story progression. It also contains more than a few ridiculous moments, most of which center around the Wookiees. The aforementioned guerilla tactics from RotJ are a prime example. It comes off as less childish and pandering than the film — probably due to a distinct lack of Tarzan yells and teddy bears at war — but it doesn't completely rectify the portrayal.

The worst of it comes at the end, when we discover General Skywalker's plan is to teach the Wookiees, a primitive race that had previously been unable to best a single military outpost, to fly a fleet of ships against a much stronger and more heavily armed space fortress. It makes me question his military credentials if he thinks his crash course will be successful enough to work. There's no timeline given for how long they've trained, but there's no indication it's been more than a few days, if it's even been that long.

Even still, this is one of the strongest issues yet. With only one issue left, there's a lot left to happen, and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.