“I'm a magnet for adventure,” says the Doctor after he and Clara arrive on Isen VI and discover that what should have been a snow covered ball of rock (sporting no less than ice sharks) is instead a tropical paradise. Unfortunately for Clara, she's still dressed for skiing weather. However, the poles come in handy when she has to fend off an attack from a swarm of skunkies (alien monkeys that are colored like skunks). But alien pests are not the only thing going wrong on this terraformed planet. People are dying, via natural disasters, robots are malfunctioning, and the real source of the problem is at the planet's core. Has mankind, once again, overreached in trying to manipulate nature? Can the Doctor and Clara find the source of the trouble? If they do, will they be able to stop it from causing further destruction?

The story, by Robbie Morrison, is a fast paced tale. The reader has enough time to orient themselves but that's about it. The clipped pace of the storyline makes it feel fresh, not forced. It's a fun ride to discover the mysteries along with the characters themselves. The banter between Clara and the Doctor is spot on. Not every writer is good at rekindling that dynamic connection between the Time Lord and his Companion. Morrison does an excellant job and the conversation flows in a logical and unstrained manner. There is plenty of action and some hidden gems and amusements that will cause fans to crack a smile and in some cases even laugh.

Hi Fi and Dave Taylor have done a spectacular job coloring this issue. The colors of the planet are bright and vibrant, teaming with life. The shading on the characters, especially the Doctor and Clara really add that third dimensional feel. The use of the play of light across their faces is beautiful and the Doctor's eyes dropping from that brilliant blue to that stormy grey when he gets angry is just perfection!

With the cover art (for issue A) done by Alice X Zhang, you can expect a feast for the eyes with the swirling shades of the universe, as the Twelfth Doctor stands at the ready! (This cover matches the color schemes of the first issues of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor adventures, respectively, and will look fantastic when you put all three together!) If art isn't quite your style, you are sure to be satisfied by one of the other thirty two covers. Several are photo covers of the Doctor or Clara respectively. A good twenty are comic shop exclusive covers (including my favorite comics retailer: Mile High Comics!) And if you were lucky enough to hit up New York Comic Con, you may already have their exclusive cover in your hands.

Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Twelfth Doctor #1 goes on sale at comic stores and other fine retailers tomorrow, October 15th! Run out and grab yourself a copy, you won't regret it!

Also, you may wish to check out the trailer for the comic, courtesy of Titan, just so you can get a feel for what you'll be delving into.