Oversized issues of DC Comics bestselling BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and SUPERMAN hit the shelves today. These issues supposedly change the fate of some of the most revered characters in the DCU and set the stage for the future event in the Free Comic Book Day issue DC COMICS: DIVERGENCE, which lands May 2.

The dynamic duo that is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo debut the finale of “Endgame” in BATMAN #40, in which the Dark Knight, his allies, and some of his foes attempt to cure a Gotham City full of grinning maniacs. Naturally, the Joker is involved and has infected the city with a Joker virus. Showdowns, finales, and game-changing events have been promised!

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 pledges to change the existing canon in the prologue of “The Darkseid War.” Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok will take the iconic group of Super Heroes belonging to the Justice League and square them off to face some of the most powerful entities in existence. Intergalactic wars are usually a good read when placed in the DCU.

For the first time, John Romita Jr. will write the newest issue of the bestselling series in SUPERMAN #40. Known for his artwork, Romita Jr. has the task of testing Superman’s power against an unlikely enemy: the Justice League. Cue dramatic music! Or the youtube video of that dramatic rodent.

Free Comic Book Day is set to be a blast when all three of these stories converge in the special issue DC COMICS: DIVERGENCE. Me, I’m looking forward to the canon changing events DC has planned.

Additionally, Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis will be bringing readers THE MULTIVERSITY #2. This supposed mind-blowing adventure brings the greatest heroes of the DC Multiverse together to fight one last battle against an evil that is sooooooo massive, the heroes will surely perish… Or defeat it.