I am not sure whether this comic was as good as it felt, or if I was just suffering from a hangover of crappy comics (see my review of Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein). Regardless Generation Zero #1 is a good comic. Really good. Refreshingly good. You of course expect Valiant to consistently deliver, but there is something about this story that grabs. Maybe because the whole set up feels like a really satisfying episode of Doctor Who.

The mood is set by kids all over the world talking about Generation Zero, the psiot kids from the Harbinger series. Rumors are ultimately the source of their gossip, but one consistency dominates the theme: putting your case before #zero, and asking for help. Can't hurt, right?

Several kids lay out their convincing cases, but one seems to stand out. The story of a girl named Keisha and the shady death of her boyfriend Stephen. For some reason their town has gone upscale in almost every way – new technologies in school, significantly higher wages all around, parks and landmarks made pristine, and a dwindling population of punks, stoners, and weirdos of which our purple-haired protagonist is (surprise!) a member.

She's cool though. Suave, sarcastic, smart. You feel for her almost as fast as you are repelled by her appearance. That all goes away as writer Fred Van Lente fleshes her out into a relatable character you get the feels for. She'll break your heart, honestly because the art by Francis Portela gives her a frank realism you cannot help but smile at.

The point is it all feels phony; the prosperity, the technology, the feel of it. All of it. And there is no palpable reason why, except that nagging at the back of your mind and the shady death of Stephen. I honestly don't want to reveal any more than that because you are in for a satisfying read. And to those of you who have already had the pleasure, I'm sure you are in the same boat as I.

Wanting to know what's next because from the conclusion of Chapter one we have all been shown that something is horribly awry.

Four and one half stars. Cheers!