Much like the first season of Channel Zero, No-End House aims for disturbing and uncomfortable as opposed to gore and jump-scares, and succeeds in expanding both the source story and its own mythology in the process.

Channel Zero: No-End House follows a Margot Sleater, a young woman dealing with the death of her father. A night out with her best friend, Jules, freshly returned from college takes a turn when they, and some friends, receive a cryptic phone message giving them the location of The No-End House: a mysterious haunted house that pops up in random locations. Upon entering the house, which features a series of increasingly disturbing vignettes all seemingly designed to prey on the visitor’s specific fears, Margot begins to wonder there’s more to the No-End House than there seems.

Filled with genuinely disturbing images and shocking revelations, show-creator Nick Antosca manages to create a truly haunting world, without falling back on many of the tropes that plague “haunted house” horror stories. From the very beginning, the series plays with time and reality forcing the audience to question everything while still maintaining a sort of narrative integrity. There are rules to the world of No-End House, and while everything is suspect, the rules are always in play.

Amy Forsyth and John Carroll Lynch are particularly excellent, the disturbing relationship between their characters slipping between hopefully and horrifying fluidly, their expressions and body language telling their story just as much as the dialogue.

The special effects are, for the most part, practical effects (which are a big plus for us here at EYC) and they serve to create some moments of undiluted-WTF that leave you both horrified and intrigued.

During the middle of the six episode season, the flow of the narrative does seem to slow a bit, but it never drops off enough to make you question continuing the series – a notable problem in this kind of anthology series. Additionally, there are some questions that don’t get answered by the end of the series, but that isn’t always a bad thing – frustrating, but not bad.

Channel Zero: No-End House is a disturbing trip that continues to present stories that hold the same beliefs that its predecessor held so dear.  Horror is only as scary as the story, and in this case that horror will stick with you.

4 out of 5 stars

Directed by: Steven Piet
Written by: Nick Antosca
Starring: Amy Forsyth, John Carroll Lynch, Aisha Dee, Jeff Ward,
Premiere Date: September 20, 2017

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