We want to show off your artwork on EatYourComics!  Just who are we, and why would we want to do that?  We are a nerd-culture website that receives thousands of unique visitors every month.  We write about comics, film and gaming, and that means that the people who read our site are the same people you want to be interested in your work.  Showing off your artwork here will expose your work and, if we're lucky, open some doors for you to work professionally!

Submission Guidelines:

This page is for featured artists to upload their work to the EatYourComics Artwork FTP server.  Here are the guidelines for submitting your work:

  • Select 5 to 30 items of your best, most recent work.  Think of this like your digital portfolio.
  • For graphic artwork (pencils, inks, paintings) scans should be of high-quality in either .jpg/.jpeg or .png format.  Photographs (of sculptures, installation art and tattoos) should follow similar formats.
  • Combine all artwork into a single .zip file, and rename the .zip file with your name so we know it belongs to you.  Use the form below to upload your .zip file.
  • We won't publish pornographic artwork (hentai, furry material or examples of Rule 34).
  • Include a brief biography and description of the type of work you do.  We'll publish this word-for-word on our site.  Include your name, where you're from, the kind of work you do, any inspirations you want to name.  Most importantly, include links to your website, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn and/or deviantART page.  People who like your art may want to get in touch with you or follow your future work!

By uploading artwork here, you acknowledge that:

  1. The artwork was solely created and is wholly owned by you;
  2. You are uploading these images with the intent of the work being featured on www.EatYourComics.com, with all credits attributed to you.  You may imprint, watermark  or caption your artwork, if you wish;
  3. You understand that not all artwork uploaded will be featured on the website www.EatYourComics.com, and that artwork will be shown at the discretion of the editors of www.EatYourComics.com;
  4. Your artwork will be featured with the intent to promote and gain visibility for your work. You will not receive any financial remuneration from www.EatYourComics.com in exchange for featuring your artwork;
  5. You retain the right to request removal of your artwork at any time, and may do so by emailing a request to remove your art to art@eatyourcomics.com.  The editors of www.EatYourComics.com pledge to remove your work  as soon as we can, but no later than 14 days from the time your email requesting your work be removed is received.

Policy on character art and DMCA Requests:

Aspiring artists often present character artwork in their portfolio featuring popular characters that they did not create (for example, Batman or Wolverine).  This is a generally acceptable practice in the comic industry, so long as the artist is not attempting to profit from a character they do not own.  www.EatYourComics.com will be happy to feature your character artwork, but in the event that we receive a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we will remove that item immediately.  We will not fight any DMCA takedown notice, even if you believe you own the intellectual property in question.  So far, we've never received a DMCA notice, but in the unlikely event that we get one for your artwork we want it to be absolutely clear that we won't fight it.  If you're cool with that, we'd love to show off your artwork!



Are you having trouble with our automatic upload form?  Here's a set of (more complicated) instructions to manually upload your artwork to our FTP site.  It takes a bit more work, but we hope you consider going through the effort because we'd really love to show your work off.  Cheers to you!


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